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What is Kickboxing

This class caters for  adults, in which real kickboxing is taught and performed. Kickboxing was really developed and came to fruition in the mid 1970’s, which makes this martial art / sport very new.  The format we take, is from Western boxing and a mix of Korean kicking techniques along with the traditional Thai kicking.  The classes incorporate fitness with learning new skills and techniques, so a lot of the time fitness comes without realising as the student is busy learning. The training incorporates, strength, power and endurance, balance flexibility, co-ordination, developing the students fitness, ability, flexibility and mobility, not to mention confidence and improved mental health.

Benefits of kickboxing

Kickboxing will help you feel re-energized and re-vitalized, the combination of technique performance and high energy fitness will get you toned, fit and in shape. You will develop a strong core and be able to move with efficiency and dynamism. As mentioned above the benefits are countless including, Reduce Stress levels, Improving mental strength and health, Increase Confidence levels and boost your mood. Improve balance, posture and co-ordination. The result in training will inevitably create a positive mindset throughout.

What our students say

“I joined the Blade Martial Arts Academy when the new Ladies Korean Kickboxing class was introduced. My first time nerves were very quickly diminished and I love attending the weekly sessions. Chris is an excellent teacher, easily approachable and very good at explaining all the moves and techniques. As well as being great for fitness the sessions are always positive and we have a nice strong supportive group. Throughout the lockdown Chris has continued to deliver great quality teaching via Zoom classes with the same amount of help and enthusiasm. Whether you just want to train towards your belts or get fighting fit for competition this is a great team to be a part of.”

Layla Carby