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Robert Craven Hall, Old Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 9AZ.

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Martial Arts Classes in Leeds

Martial Arts, for everyone, children & adults, male & female. A fusion of Japanese & Korean Martial systems, combining the traditional sides of Karate and other arts along with the mainstream Kickboxing. Aspects cover from basic techniques, application, through to self defense and also sport competition. All instructed by qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Classes held at the Bramhope Methodist Church and Robert Craven Hall in Bramhope, Leeds.

Opening Times

Every Monday at 17:00hrs & Wednesday at 17:30 hrs.

Our Classes

Freestyle Martial Arts, Karate & Kickboxing

Classes consist of mobility and warm up before getting down to basics, applications, moving on to pad work and free movement. Each class develops a strong foundation and throughout the class build on those foundations & technique.

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Tiny Karate Tigers

This class is for children aged 4- 7 years, where they will learn Karate techniques, and the values of life skills from Concentration & Focus to Self-Control and Discipline. Classes are for 30 minutes From 1700hrs - 1730hrs on Monday & 1730hrs - 1800hrs on Wednesday.

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Ladies Korean Kickboxing

This class is for ladies that want to get fit, lose body fat, gain muscle tone and increase their energy levels. Padwork contact will be involved, a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and have fun at the same time progressing through the ranks becoming a real confident individual. Classes are at Bramhope Methodist Church on Mondays at 1830hrs, and at The Bramhope Village Hall on Wednesdays at 1900hrs to 2000hrs.

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Our Team


Christopher Blade

Christopher Blade

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 Bramhope Methodist Church

Bramhope Leeds West Yorkshire LS16 9AA
Tel: 07393203939

 Robert Craven Hall

Old Lane
Leeds West Yorkshire LS16 9AZ
Tel: 07393203939

What People Say

"Great fun for everyone and discipline for kids"

Stacey Daly-Carr

"I think it's great exercise, something totally different to the typical gym workouts, and teaches great skills that one day you may need."

Megan Wilson

"Love every minute of the classes so far; Sensei Chris is a brilliant instructor knowledgeable and friendly. Looking forwards to seeing where my Karate adventure is going to go."

Carolanne Tillett

"My son & I started training here 16 months ago, and are very happy with what the Academy has to offer. Students of all ages are well equipped with the learning tools needed to work through their rankings, and enjoy working at their own pace. Through recognition and constructive feedback, the Academy also promotes self-esteem & enables students to push through personal & physical barriers. Thank you for providing us with such a great environment to learn & grow as a family."

Paola Sanna

"Kickboxing has changed my life, since I started I have lost weight, gained confidence, made friends and strengthened my whole body. It is always a shock at the end of the lesson to find myself out of breath as I have been concentrating so hard on what I am doing I don't realise I am working out. Sensei is a great teacher, really knowledgeable and patient. I am so excited to get my next belts. I cannot recommend this class highly enough. "

Cathy Harris

"I joined the Blade Martial Arts Academy when the new Ladies Korean Kickboxing class was introduced. My first time nerves were very quickly diminished and I love attending the weekly sessions. Chris is an excellent teacher, easily approachable and very good at explaining all the moves and techniques. As well as being great for fitness the sessions are always positive and we have a nice strong supportive group. Throughout the lockdown Chris has continued to deliver great quality teaching via Zoom classes with the same amount of help and enthusiasm. Whether you just want to train towards your belts or get fighting fit for competition this is a great team to be a part of."

Layla Carby

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