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So, fear……. the physical manifestations of fear are exactly the same regardless of what you fear.  It could be a huge fear or a small fear, regardless the fear there your body responds the same way.  Battling fear is to do so in all its manifestations.  So imagine something you are fearful of. It could be jumping out of a plane, or it could be climbing a mountain or even abseiling down a building, whatever it is you can’t fight fear with you mind. It’s quite normal to feel like the wind taken out of you and you feel scared.  Imagine you are at the top of that building, and you get all kitted up for your descent, and you try to create courage in your mind…….trying to will yourself to take each step to the event, and trying to will yourself to go over that boundary. Battling that fear on the playing field, which fear is born, is futile, you cannot will yourself from fear itself, you can’t use your mind to battle fear, you’ve got to use your body to battle it, acting, behaviour, breathing are all things that are physical behaviours, contribute to the elimination of fear. One thing you can do to implement is ‘breathing’, breath deep into your belly, make your belly big when breathing, which will result in the softening and ease away that fear.  When you are scared, you stop breathing into your body, you begin to breath more an more shallow, and then it’s all up in your head, you become anxious and more-so ungrounded. By breathing deep into your belly you become more grounded.  When you start thinking too much, breath, and breath deep, dance, be more physical shake, vibrate, but breath, this in turn will help you relax and become a more authentic version of yourself.

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