Blade Martial Arts Academy

Bramhope Methodist Church, Eastgate, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 9AA.

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Tel: 07393203939


Our Karate classes are open to all ages children and adult. Our system is based from Korean Karate, Hapkido and Kickboxing. We have created a fusion of various styles to compose our syllabus.  The roots of our Karate are actually quite new, as the Moo Duk Kwan was founded in 1945 by a gentleman named Hwang Kee of Korea. Our system of Hapkido is from the Duk Moo System, Hapkido, is another Korean art which incorporates, joint locks, grappling, throws, kicks and punches.  For our advanced students we then work with some weapons like the knife, sword and nunchaku. Our typical class will run through basics, forms, one step sparring, padwork and free sparring.



Karate will develop a student in many ways, including a strong core, balance, awareness and  range of motion.  Students develop an increase in self confidence and become more physically adaptable creating correct posture along with mental health benefits such as elevated self esteem and a positive mental attitude. It is typical to increase critical thinking, mind muscle connection and co-ordination, and develop an understanding of bio-mechanics.