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So, fear……. the physical manifestations of fear are exactly the same regardless of what you fear.  It could be a huge fear or a small fear, regardless the fear there your body responds the same way.  Battling fear is to do so in all its manifestations.  So imagine something you are fearful of. It could


Martial Arts Styles

What ‘Style’ do you do?  Is a question often asked when one is discovered to be a training martial artist. Well, ultimately, it doesn’t really matter, martial arts can be divided into systems, and then even further into ‘styles’. So a system would relate to the likes of Kung Fu, Karate, TaeKwonDo etc.  Then broken


Central Nervous System

Hi there, and welcome to our webpage.  I would like to talk about the topic of the central nervous system. Many people do not realise the unseen benefits of the martial arts, often other than what they can physically see. The Central Nervous System is unseen by the naked eye, yet it is continually challenged